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6 of the Best Websites for Tech & IT Jobs

With the IT & Tech industries having been at the forefront of the gig economy for years, there are loads of well-established platforms designed to tap into the wide pool of skills available globally in this area. With so many job sites to choose from though, and many not specifically targeting IT and tech jobs, it is not always easy to find the right one for your skills. This is where GigSMash comes in, as they can link you to all the best sites in tech and IT with just your email.

Whether you’re looking to move into a tech role but need to gain some experience or already have a bucket load, in our list below of 6 of the top apps you’ll be able to find the targeted job list that can link you to the job of your dreams.

For those with coding skills that are sick of scrolling through all-purpose directories to find the few appropriate jobs listed on the list, this app will save you time and quickly help you turn your skill into a nice little earner. With their excellent profile and skills matching, it’s well worth providing the detail to your profile to let this site do the hard-work connecting you to the right coding job for you.



Top developers love this app with its focused job listings broken down by coding language rather than just in a generic list of jobs that don’t seem to match your search entry. Whilst the vetting process for this app is more intense than for some sites, this means that if you have the skills you’ll be up against less competition and the companies are willing to pay more for your services as they know you’ll be a top-drawer candidate.



If you’re not having luck getting accepted on to TopTal, then never fear Gigster is here to link you with thousands more development jobs without having to make it through the challenging vetting process. Designed by coders skilled in artificial intelligence, this site works intuitively to link you to the best jobs for your skill set. This is a great choice for those skilled in app building too as they are renowned for their work in this area.



This is one of the fastest growing companies in the US and a great place for tech designers with a creative spark. With connections to major players from Apple to Facebook this tech jobs app will help you get your skills noticed in the highest places. This global marketplace has plenty of top-notch jobs that will fill your wallet so long as you can keep your creative juices flowing.



With thousands of buyers from Fortune 2000 companies using this platform daily it’s a great place to get your skills noticed by companies willing to pay top prices for top quality talent. If you’ve got skills in business development, strategic planning, financial modelling, management consulting, or research and marketing, this is the app that’s going to help you find the perfect big money projects to put your skills to use.



Although this IT and Tech job site is not specifically targeted at these job areas, they have a huge range of jobs listed for a variety of skill levels so it’s a great place to gain some experience and build up a portfolio which showcases your skills. Although it’s free to signup you’ll need to get two people to hire you within the first couple of months to retain your free user status. If you’re looking for a way into remote work, this is a great choice to get you started.


These are just 7 of our favourite sites that have been grouped on GigSmash to make it easier for you to find jobs in the IT and tech sector, all you need to do is signup with your email to get linked to the dozens of apps aiming to get you your dream IT and tech jobs.